Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pottery Barn Pendants

Since moving into our new home, I have been a little overwhelmed with decorating. I'm normally not so indecisive, but for some reason I have turned into someone who is scared. You know that person, the person that won't refinish furniture, change pillows, paint, etc. 
THIS IS NOT ME!! I have no idea what has come over me. One thing I knew that I wanted was the awesome Pottery Barn Pendants

Realistically, for lights, not a bad price at $99 a light. In fact I was bidding on some on ebay for $60 a light. But once we moved I felt that money would be better used on other things....more to come on that.
We were given the same lights I think every builder uses

So I made my way to Home Depot, and found some clear shades for only $8.97!
Some great antique bulbs for also $8.97
Some RustOleum Spray Paint in Antique Bronze

I love how they turned out! It adds the right amount of soft lighting and rustic appeal. The entire project cost me around $41. Much better than the $198 for 2 at PB!


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