Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creative rut

When I found out that we were moving to Charleston I was overwhelmed with excitement
When we bought our condo I was even more excited
6 months later I'm not wanting to create, design, decorate, craft, sew, or bake anything
This little condo is no longer a fun project, but a chore
The pipes are busted, the carpets were smelly, the walls nasty, electrical bad, and the bugs...
oh the bugs!

It wouldn't be so bad all in all if were weren't paying 2 mortgages
2 mortgages are fine as long as you are in the better home
In this case we are not, just a better location....the beach

But still, with all the trials we have faced with trying to sell our home in NC, I have found myself in a creative rut.
I hope to be out of it soon, and by that I mean I hope our house sells soon so we can get into our permanent home

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

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