Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach Bag Tutorial

My friend Carrie spent Mothers Day at the Beach this year and fell in love with a beach bag she saw. The bag was made out of a beach towel! She couldn't resist trying to make one. So a few days ago she came with towels in hand.  Since we had no pattern to go by we made 2, the first one was ok. The second one turned out really cute! Silly me took NO pictures! I am officially the worst blogger EVER!
So since I have no pictures, and I also bought a cute little towel, I decided to make one for my cousin who will be here tomorrow.

Good thing I embroidered her name on it because I might have to keep it!

Items Needed:
Towel of choice
wash cloth

1. Fold the towel in half, and cut the sides and top to the size you want. I used a bag that I had as a pattern
2. Fold the tops and hem
3. Once you have hemmed the top of the bag, take your webbing and lay it out on your bag to position how much you need
Then sew the 2 ends together
Then re-position with the sewn part of the webbing in the middle so that it will be at the bottom of the bag. Sew the webbing to the bag. I used 2 straight stitches on each side. If you want to cut time you can do one straight stitch down the middle
Now its time to work on the pocket. Pull out your wash cloth, fold in half and sew at the top wrong side out like a pillow. Turn right side out position to where you want it. With a zig zag stitch sew the bottom and sides
Once you have done that, fold your bag together wrong side out, and sew the sides
Take the bottom corners and make a triangle
The bottom is flat facing up
Sew a straight stitch for the bottom of triangle
Turn your bag right side out and you should have a beautiful bag!

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  1. This is sooo cute! I love the fun, cute towel that you used! I need to make one for the summer!

  2. that is super cute!! What a simple and adorable bag!! thanks for linking up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings!

  3. Visiting from Tatertots and Jello:) I love your idea:) I've been wanting to make one for me this summer:) Thank you for sharing your tut:)
    Eleni @

    p.s. New follower of your lovely ideas:)

  4. that is adorable! so fun... love the towel you used!