Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bucket List?

Little Miss Momma posted her list the other day. It made me realize I too have a list, I just don't think I have ever written them down. I've been thinking a lot about this. Yes.... about the list. If I write it down on this blog, then it is real- out there- and must be achieved. You will see some things scratched off the list because duh! I have done something!

1. Get Married
2. Have children
3. Travel to Europe
4. Jump out of plane
5. Become involved in the community
6. Join a church
7. Meet a celebrity
8. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean
9. Win a big lottery
10. Write a book
11. Live at the Beach
12. See the United States
13. Grow Hydrangeas
14. Be skinny
15. Meet George W
16. Have my own business
17. Sing
18. Be best friends with my daughter
19. Be part of something good
20. Own a Louis Vuitton Bag
21. Sew- like really sew- like really good
22. Do a back hand spring
23. Go to A Boston Red Sox Game
24. Go to Disney World
25. Visit Hawaii
26. Be on the Today Show
27. Visit NYC
28. Be a part of the Lucille Ball Festival in Jamestown ny
29. Meet a member of Lucy or Desi's Family
30. Go before my Children
31. Rest in Heaven

My list is open- ended which means I will always add to it! Life changes, we make plans and God laughs! Now go make your list! Even if you don't scratch one thing off, live life to the fullest!

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