Saturday, February 5, 2011

Butterfly Bow Tutorial

Hair bow tutorials seem to be so secretive on the internet
I guess thats because it is the most sold item at small town festivals

I know how to make them, and I still buy them!
I was making several for some of Lucy's new outfits and thought I would share with you

Items Needed:
Hair Clip (you can use alligator or clamp style)
No Fray
Thick thread
Hair Clip (they kind beauty salons use)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

First, you want to measure your ribbon. I usually cut mine around 38 inches

Fold your ribbon as shown

Then, fold the other side. This is where you can eyeball it 
to make sure that the sides are even

Take the center of the right side of the ribbon and pull down to the middle

Do they same to the other side, and secure with the Hair Clip
You can see the Butterfly take shape here

Take your heavy thread and pull it through the hair clip as shown

Pull the thread tightly and slowly being sure not to snap it
And secure it with a knot

Now its time to start on the middle piece
Because I didn't have a smaller coordinating ribbon on hand I made my own

Take a small piece of ribbon and a thin line of hot glue

Fold 1/2 over, then repeat until you have a smaller ribbon

On the front of the bow add a small dot in the middle
and add the small piece of ribbon

Flip over and glue your choice of clip
I chose to use a barrette clip

Open the clip and remove the center so you can glue the other side of ribbon

Cut your ends.....

Add a little Fray block.....

And Voila!

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