Friday, February 18, 2011

Dance bag Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!-CLOSED

 When Lucy started dance again back in the fall,
she needed new tap shoes, ballet shoes, tutus, tights, and of course leotards!
I couldn't believe that in one summer she outgrew everything!
With all this fancy schmancy dance attire, she had to have  could use a new bag, right?
I must warn you, if you were looking for a difficult dance bag tutorial, 
you are in the wrong place
I made 2 of these, 1 for Lucy, and of course one for Marin.
These girls get crazy compliments on these bags and have even sold a few
Supplies needed:
White tote bags (You can find a 3 pack at Hobby Lobby for $6.99)
Tulle of any color
Coordinating Ribbon
Hot Glue (and Gun :o))
I have an embroidery machine so I decided to embroider Lucy's name
If you decide to do the same, or have someone do it for you, Make sure this is your first step
You don't want the tulle to get tangled or malled
Step 1
Lay out your bag of choice and the tulle
Tulle is extremely difficult to work with 
I find that when it comes to tulle be as simple as possible
I folded over the tulle several times to make it fuller and the right size
Pin the tulle to the bag starting in the middle
I wanted a cleaner look for this bag so I pinned the tulle straight
If you want a "rufflier" bag, pleat every 2 inches
Is rufflier a word? It should be!
sew with a straight stitch
Don't worry about making it perfect, you'll cover with the ribbon 
It should look like this
Now that you have the tulle sewn, pull out your ribbon
You can sew this on or use your Hot Glue
I prefer to sew since it is being carried by kids

Sew a straight stitch on top, and on the bottom
Set the bag to the side
Take your ribbon and make a bow
You can find that tutorial here
Glue your bow to the center of the ribbon
Since I take the easy way out when working with tulle and fold it to make it fuller,
you will want to cut it to make it fluffy
You can see in the picture below where to cut

 Here you go! I love the leopard with the pink
This is fun for holidays too. 
Now for the GIVEAWAY!
Yay! My first one!
This bag can be yours!

Here are the rules:
1. Become a follower and leave a comment saying you are
(leave a comment if you always have been)
2.Blog about the giveaway and leave a comment letting me know



  1. My daughter would love this bag for when she starts dance. Too cute!

  2. I am a new follower, LOVE bag:)

  3. okay this is adorable! Love it! Thanks so much for linking up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings.

  4. Ohhh...I love this and so would my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing.